THIS is the bone-chilling second 16-foot cannibal crocodiles feed on their younger in Africa.

In a single picture, a Nile crocodile was pictured because it clasped its sturdy jaw round one other younger crocodile’s head and proceeded to drown it underwater.

A 16-foot Nile crocodile attacking its younger[/caption]

The assault passed off in Okavango Delta, Botswana[/caption]

The feeding frenzy lasted three hours[/caption]

In one other, a bask of crocodiles might be seen getting in on the motion as they collectively tore the smaller reptile to items.

The extraordinary photos had been taken by wildlife photographer Tim Driman,who captured the horrific assault within the Okavango Delta, Botswana, from 130-feet away.

The sufferer was an eight-foot lengthy younger male, who was estimated to be simply 10-years-old.

Tim captured the feeding frenzy utilizing a Sony A9 digicam, with a Sony 400m lens and shared the pictures on his Instagram, @timdriman.

“We noticed limbs being torn off and gaping wounds which made the crocodile simpler to tear aside. After three hours, the crocodile had been torn to shreds,” stated Tim.

“Grownup crocodile cannibalism may be very hardly ever documented, so I used to be completely elated to have captured these pictures – albeit fairly disturbing.

“Throughout a extreme drought, I at all times attempt to get to the closest water supply and on arrival this present day, we discovered a quickly diminishing waterhole and 64 Nile crocodiles who had been mendacity round.

We noticed limbs being torn off and gaping wounds which made the crocodile simpler to tear aside. After three hours, the crocodile had been torn to shreds.

Tim Driman

“These crocodiles had been swimming within the water and there was numerous floor motion as a result of quite a few catfish that had been current.

“I knew that it might be a matter of time earlier than we noticed some crocodile predation motion on the catfish, however then a big male eased himself into the water.

“The whole lot was calm till he swam as much as a crocodile which was half his dimension and with none warning, opened his jaws and closed them firmly over its head.


“Though the sufferer confirmed no retaliation or pressing motion, the crocodile then slyly disappeared beneath the water – which is once I knew chaos would erupt.”

Nile crocodiles can reside as much as 60-years-old and may weigh as much as 1,650 kilos at full grownup dimension. They’re native to Africa and while unusual, they’ve been identified to change into cannibals after they flip territorial.

“I noticed a line of bubbles forming on the water and tracked these actions while holding my breath as I obtained able to seize the second,” Tim stated.

Croc-on-croc assaults are uncommon and normally happen in periods of intense drought[/caption]

An image of a croc feasting on its younger[/caption]

“Out of the blue, the water exploded with an enormous splash and there have been tails flying and thrashing round because the smaller crocodile realised that it was being eaten.

“There have been loud roars which attracted different crocodiles within the space and shortly, a lot of all of them converged on the motion as they wished a style.

“The harmless crocodile was then attacked from all instructions the place components of its physique had been grabbed in an try and ‘deathroll’ – which is the place a crocodile grabs its sufferer and spins on the axis of its physique till it’s ripped off.”