A HUSBAND was left penniless after his wife made off with their lottery winnings to start a new life with her live, it was reported.

The Thai man had been married for 26 years when he won £140,000 on the lottery but far from bringing him happiness it has left him heartbroken.


Manit with the rest of his family went to the police who said they couldn’t help[/caption]

The 49-year-old man, named only as Manit in local media, was making plans to donate a portion of the winnings to a local Buddhist temple.

After that he was going to share the winnings, which were in his wife’s bank account, around his family, the Thaiger reports.

Manit spotted a stranger at the ceremony that his wife Angkanarat, who is the mother of his three kids, said was her relative.

But it turned out to be her lover who she then ran away with a distraught Manit then contacting police in a bid to recover his cash.



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To add insult to injury, jilted man’s son told the police that he was aware of his mother’s affair.

He contacted his mother soon after she ran off and discovered that she had moved to a town about 170 miles.

Sadly the police told Manit that they cannot help him get his lottery winnings back because the bank account belongs to Angkanarat it.

Because they never officially married it looks as if he has given Angkanarat the money as a gift.

The police recommended that the family try and find a way to contact her and politely ask her to return the money.

Manit has now turned to the Thai media to highlight his story in a bid to persuade his wife.

Earlier this year, a man sued his friends who cut him out after they won £600,000 on the lottery.

Philip Tsotsos from Windsor, Ontario, Canada has been left out of the massive prize that was won by the group of sixteen pals last summer.

The group of sixteen pals won the Maxmillion prize on a Lotto Max ticket from the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation (OLG) last year CBC reported.

They claim that Tsotsos is not entitled to a part of the prize as he had not paid the amount required to stay in the lottery pool.

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But now “hurt” pizza delivery worker Tsotsos has taken the matter to the civil court as he claims he should be declared the 17th winner.

He said: “Their dreams came true. Why should they steal mine?”