A HOT teacher has been told by parents that her outfits are inappropriate for school – but she doesn’t care.

Alice said being an adult means being able to wear whatever she wants, wherever she goes.

A hot teacher has shared the outfits she likes to wear to school
Alice said that being an adult means wearing whatever she wants, whoever she goes

Taking to TikTok, the hot teacher shared a clip of what she’d wear out.

Dressed in heels, a short black shirt and revealing top, she asked followers what they thought – and they were all thumbs up.

“Wow,” wrote one follower.

“God bless it, my teachers never looked like this,” posted a second.



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“You can wear anything you look good [in],” said a third.

It comes as a hot teacher’s students discovered her TikTok page say they all ask the same question.

Ash Paq, 25, often shares an insight into her life as a teacher with her 98,600 followers.

But she didn’t realise some of her fans were her own pupils.

In a recent video, she revealed an common exchange she now has with students in her class.

It reads: “Student: Can we be in your TikTok videos?

“Me: No, sorry.

“Students: But what if we put bags over our heads?

“Me: Absolutely not.”

Ash previously shared classroom secrets about her students -including being bombarded with inappropriate friend requests.

She revealed that students pester her to accept their follow requests on social media and want to follow her page.

The young teacher also highlighted that people mistake her for a pupil herself – asking: “Are you a teacher or a student?”

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Ash also shared how her class ask if they can attend her wedding.

But on a more embarrassing note, they enjoy telling her when they’ve found her TikTok account and threaten to scroll through every video.