ANOTHER Russian airfield has been blasted by a suspected Ukrainian drone strike – just a day after two of Putin’s nuke bombers were reportedly blown up.

Shocking footage showed an explosion and a huge fireball at the military airbase in the Kursk region on the border with Ukraine.


Shocking footage showed an explosion and a huge fireball at the military airbase[/caption]


An oil tank was said to be on fire – but the full extent of any damage wasn’t clear[/caption]

There have been no civilian flights from the airport since the start of Putin’s war

The blaze was said to still be raging more than ten hours after the attack[/caption]

An oil tank was reportedly on fire on the airport – and the blaze was said to still be raging more than ten hours after the attack.

Thick black smoke filled the sky and covered almost 5,500sq ft as more firefighters raced to the scene to control the inferno.

Kursk regional governor Roman Starovoyt said: “An oil tank is on fire as a result of a drone attack near the Kursk airfield. There are no casualties. The fire is currently being localised.”

There have been no civilian flights from the airport since the start of the Ukraine war. 

Suspected Ukrainian drones also targeted the Belbek military airport in Sevastopol – but were reportedly downed by air defences.

It comes a day after a fuel truck reportedly exploded at the Dyagilevo airfield in Ryazan – a base for Russian special forces – on Monday.

The suspected strike killed three people, injured five, and damaged an aircraft at the military base.

Images showed significant damage to a nuclear-capable Tu-22M3 bomber.

Two of Putin’s Tu-95 nuke bombers were also reportedly blown up in another suspected Ukrainian drone attack at the Engels airbase in the Saratov region of Russia in an early morning strike.

The bombers have been used to blast targets in Ukraine with non-nuclear weapons, particularly in recent weeks as Putin continues to blitz the country’s infrastructure.

Two Russian troops were injured and rushed to hospital after the suspected Ukrainian strike, Visegrád 24 reports.

Russia claims Ukraine has used Soviet reconnaissance drones Tu-141 called Strizh to mount the string of attacks. 

The Russian defence ministry claimed the drones were hit by their air defences – but falling debris caused damage to the aircraft on the ground. 

The UK’s Ministry of Defence said the military “is likely to respond by temporarily moving bombers to dispersal airfields”.

“The causes of the explosions have not been confirmed,” it said.

“However, if Russia assesses the incidents were deliberate attacks, it will probably consider them as some of the most strategically significant failures of force protection since its invasion of Ukraine.”

A report from Readovka warned Moscow could be under attack if the strikes are coming from Ukraine.

It said: “If the drone came from Ukraine, then our enemy already has technology with a range of 1000km, which means that Moscow could be under attack.

“There is only one conclusion: counter-terrorism measures on the territory of the Russian Federation should be strengthened to the maximum, retaliation strikes should be continued tenfold. 

“Until the Russian response has a massive effect, such attacks will continue.”

Saratov regional governor Roman Busargin said there was “no cause for concern” after the Engels airbase strike.

He said: “Information about a loud explosion and outbreak in Engels in the early hours of this morning is spreading on social media and the media. 

“I would like to assure you that no emergencies have occurred in the residential areas of the city. 

“There is no cause for concern. No civilian infrastructure was damaged.”

Pictures showed significant damage to an aircraft at Dyagilevo airfield in Ryazan