A FURIOUS camel bit and trampled a handler to death at a children’s holiday camp in Russia.

The man, 51, was rushed to hospital in Omsk, but doctors could not save him.


Video shows the moment a bactrian camel turned on its handler[/caption]


He had struck it in the face and pulled harshly on its reins, reports say[/caption]


The angry camel bit him and trampled him into the snowy ground[/caption]

Reports in Russia say the watchman at Beryozka recreation centre struck the “peaceful” camel in the face after pulling strongly on its reins.

The two-humped bactrian camel retaliated, biting the man several times.

Horror video shows it turning on the man and trampling him into the snow.

“The animal did not appreciate such treatment,” said a local report.

“The man paid with his life after hitting the animal in the face.

“The victim was taken to hospital, but it was not possible to save him.”

Temperatures were around -9C at the time of the horror in Omsk, western Siberia.

Local prosecutors are checking if the camel was legally held at the children’s camp.

Last year a one-humped dromedary camel killed two people after escaping from its enclosure at a petting zoo in Tennessee, US.

The raging beast then attacked sheriff’s deputies and their car.

The officers “had to put the camel down for the safety of everyone on the scene,” they said.

Victims Bobby Matheny, 42, and Tommy Gunn, 67, were reportedly killed while trying to recapture the loose camel.

A pal said: “Both of them were great people. They would do anything they could for you.”

Dromedaries, native to Arabia, can grow more than 7ft tall and weigh up to 1,500lbs.

Bactrians, native to the central Asian steppes, can grow up to 8ft high and weigh one ton.