A WOMAN with triple D size breasts has revealed the same annoying questions she gets asked all the time.

TikToker Brianna who’s only 4ft 9in has posted a video sharing the most common things people ask her because of her big chest.

The TikToker is usually asked if she has back problems
Brianna often gets asked if she wants to get a breast reduction

The clip shared on TikTok is captioned: “Things I get asked because I have DDDs.”

The first question she gets more often is whether she is suffering from back problems.

Her response is: “Yes sir, I’m only 4ft 9in and have a big chest.”

Another question she usually gets is whether she wants a reduction

She replies “yes but only if insurance covers it.”

When people ask her what size she would want to drop to, she says “at least want to be a C or a D cup.”

“And yes they make me very insecure about my body,” she concludes.

TikTokers sympathised and many shared their struggles living with a large chest.

One said: “i felt this.”

Someone added: “felt im 15, 4’11 and my back pain is f****** intolerable.”

While someone added: “i’m 14 and i’m a 34g i feel you girl.”

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