AT least two people are dead and five have been wounded after a knifeman attacked passengers and staff on board a train in Germany.

One of the injured is said to be fighting for life after the suspect, reported to be a Syrian national, began attacking passengers, sparking panic on board the train.

DPA/Jonas Walzberg

At least two have been killed in a knife attack on a train in Germany[/caption]


The attack happened in the town of Brokstedt, near Hamburg[/caption]

The horror attack took place on board a train between the northern German cities of Hamburg and Kiel.

An enormous police and emergency service operation has been launched in the town of Brokstedt, 30 miles north of Hamburg.

RTL News quoted a federal police spokesman as saying multiple passengers were dead.

One eyewitness said he saw blood traces in multiple carriages.

Another man at Brokstedt station said that his daughter called him from the train saying that she and other passengers had to leave the train “because someone stabbed them with a knife”.

The regional train was travelling between the two cities when the knifeman started attacking passengers, seemingly at random.

Bild has confirmed that two people have been killed and that the attacker also tried to take his own life.

A police spokesman told BILD: “A traveller stabbed himself on the journey from Kiel to Hamburg in the regional express, injuring at least five people and injuring two people.”

The train has been evacuated following the attack shortly after 3pm local time (2pm GMT).

An eyewitness told German news site KN-online that people in his carriage panicked after three girls rushed in and reported that a man with a knife was on the train.

So far, the suspect’s motives are unknown and Brokstedt train station remains cordoned off.

Bild has reported that the suspect is a Syrian national.

The conditions of the five injured are unknown.

Interior minister for the Schleswig-Holstein state, Sabine Sutterlin-Waack, told reporters: “It’s really terrible. We’re really shocked and appalled that something like this happened.”

It’s really terrible. We’re really shocked and appalled that something like this happened

Sabine Sutterlin-WaackInterior minister, Schleswig-Holstein

Police have arrested one man over the attacks.

He had self-inflicted injuries to his hands when he was arrested, according to reports.

The German train company Deutsche Bahn confirmed that the route between Brockstedt and the town of Wirst has been closed off and a rail replacement service is running.

Long-distance train routes have also been cancelled in the wake of the attack.

Brokstedt is a small community of just 2,000 people around halfway between Hamburg and the port city of Kiel, on Germany’s Baltic Sea coast.

Germany has been hit in recent years by several deadly knife attacks, some carried out by extremists and others by people suffering from serious psychological problems.

A Syrian jihadist was given a life sentence in May 2021 for stabbing a German man to death and severely wounding his partner in a homophobic attack in the eastern city of Dresden.

In December, a German court sentenced a Syrian-born man to 14 years in prison for an Islamist knife attack on a train in which he injured four passengers.

Last year a German court committed a Somali man to a psychiatric hospital after he stabbed three people to death in the southern city of Wuerzburg in 2021.