FEW people maintain gruelling exercise routines as they hit 80, but legendary veteran bodybuilder Frank Zane does.

The 80-year-old shared a picture of his sun-soaked and muscle-clad younger self, while still vowing to not let old age get in the way of his training.


The throwback picture is taken around the time the champ was winning Mr Olympia titles in the late 70s[/caption]


At 80, Zane still keeps up with his serious fitness routines[/caption]

The former bodybuilding champ has been looking back on his glory days to encourage others to stay motivated.

In an Instagram post, alongside a picture from his heyday, he wrote: “A lot of guys have better genes but if you work hard and consistently, you can outperform them.”

The tactic has clearly worked for Zane, who won the esteemed Mr Olympia and Mr Universe titles three times each.

Through his 50 year-long career, he has worked alongside other legends in the business, including Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Zane is one of only three in the world to have defeated Schwarzenegger in professional bodybuilding.

The veteran muscleman has achieved a highly coveted spot in the “Top 10 Legends of Bodybuilding” and a rightful space in the Bodybuilding Hall of Fame.

Now, he is often found sharing his wisdom online and acting as a performance coach for millions.

Recently, he shared that a secret to his success is focusing “on the quality of your sets instead of weight and number of reps”.

He also encouraged his followers to “never work to failure but success, striving to perform the last repetition in a set with perfect form before you stop and rest for maximum before the next set.”

In terms of his throwback thirst trap, his fans rushed to the comment section. One wrote: “You are living proof of that.”

Another said: “Old is gold champ .. god bless you always”.


The wise bodybuilding champ is always sharing tips and advice on how to maximise your workouts[/caption]


Franz has battled against Schwarzenegger and won[/caption]