AS Manfred and his wife Claudia were lying asleep in their beds earlier this month, they were startled awake by a loud crash.

Running outside, the couple was shocked to see an excavator beginning to destroy their home, as they had been sleeping inside.

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Manfred and his wife were inside their home when terror struck[/caption]

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Their home was set to be demolished but the truck came four days early[/caption]

The German couple was set to move out of their home in Dorfen, Bavaria on March 6, but that changed early on March 2.

Manfred recalled: “Our car was in front of the house. For everyone to see that there was someone else in there.

“And yet, he demolished the house.”

Neighbours ran to the scene and yelled for the excavator driver to stop, and called the police.

Despite his town issuing a construction freeze notice due to rare birds on the property, the demolition went forward.

Manfred also said “protected bats” live in the attic, which was knocked down suddenly that morning.

Luckily, Manfred and Claudia escaped uninjured, albeit incredibly shaken up.

Manfred said his wife can’t sleep since the harrowing incident.

He said: “She sat on the mattress at night and was startled at every passing truck. It took three days for her to be able to sleep properly again.

“I’ve never experienced anything like it and I wouldn’t wish it on anyone.”

Despite several attempts to contact the landlord deemed responsible, Bild has been unable to reach him.

Manfred and Claudia have decided to take legal action against their landlord for “pain and suffering”.

A lawyer told local news that a charge of attempted homicide may be brought to the table.

Earlier this year, a disgruntled man attempted to knock down his neighbour’s home with a digger due to a dispute over music.

Sandro Mugnai’s relationship with his neighbour Gezim Dodoli, a labourer from Albania, soured after frequent disagreements between the pair.

Sandro Mugnai and six of his family were having dinner when they heard a “terrifying clanging noise”.

They were shocked to see their neighbour Gezim Dodoli parked outside of their property with an excavator.

Mugnai reportedly shouted at his neighbour to stop, but the attack went on.

Local media said he grabbed his shotgun and fired a warning shot, which was ignored.

He then shot four rounds into the excavator driver’s cabin, killing his neighbour instantly.

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Police were called to the scene by neighbours[/caption]

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A notice to cease construction was posted on the property[/caption]

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The house is now in the midst of being demolished completely[/caption]

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A tree was marked off due to environmental worries for the local birds[/caption]

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The timber of the home can be seen lying about after destruction[/caption]