TRISTAN Tate acts like his brother Andrew’s lapdog and follows everything he does, sources who know the pair claim.

The siblings – who have been held behind bars for more than two months – are said to have a “very odd” relationship.


Andrew and Tristan Tate are claimed to have a ‘very odd’ relationship[/caption]


Sources claim Tristan modeled himself on Andrew after their mum Eilen, pictured with the brothers and daughter Janine, divorced their dad[/caption]

Tate, 36, and his younger brother Tristan, 34, were arrested on December 29 and have been languishing in a hellhole Romanian prison ever since, amid a probe into rape and human trafficking allegations.

Sources who know the siblings claim the pair are “co-dependent”, reports Rolling Stone.

One insider told the outlet: “[Their] relationship dynamic is very odd.

“It’s like Tristan is held captive by Andrew and believes [or] follows everything Andrew says or does.”

Another source labelled Tristan as his brother’s “lapdog”, while a third claimed he modelled himself on Andrew rather than their dad, Emory.

Their father was often absent from home during their childhood with work and his chess career.

A talented linguist, Emory was a five-time US Armed Forces chess champion and became a global figure in the game by the mid-1980s before his divorce from the Tate brothers’ mum, Eileen.

He died in the middle of a chess game at a tournament near San Jose, California in October 2015.

It comes as both brothers this week were denied bail.

Andrew was denied bail at a hearing on Tuesday and Tristan also lost his bid to be released under house arrest on Wednesday.

Judge Gabriela Risnoveanu, a Bucharest Court spokesperson told The Sun: “Their requests have been rejected.

“Tristan Tate had asked for the arrest to be replaced with judicial control on bail, while Luana Radu had asked for the arrest to be replaced with domicile arrest.

“The decision can be appealed in 48 hours.”

It comes after a judge last month rejected Tate’s latest appeal against his arrests and ordered him to spend another 30 days behind bars.

The brothers had already lost two previous appeals against prior 30-day extensions that have kept them behind bars while investigations continued.

Tate has repeatedly moaned about life behind bars on social media and through emails to his subscribers.

In an email, he complained about the “blistering cold” while being “locked in a box”.

And in another, he launched a thinly veiled attack on his supporters from his jail cell, saying he needs “better people”.

They have been detained for more than 10 weeks amid allegations of human trafficking, organised crime and rape – with their “angels” Georgiana Naghel and Luana Radu also under investigation.

They deny all allegations against them.

Former kickboxer Tate initially gained fame after a short-lived appearance on Big Brother.

The Tate brothers have been in custody since December 29