THERE is more than meets the eye in this picture of a pile of logs.

You might have the eyes of a hawk if you can spot the sneaky feline in this tricky brain teaser.

Are you able to spot the cat blending perfectly into the logs?

A sleepy cat is perfectly disguised amongst the wood and viewers have been left scratching their heads trying to find it.

The picture, posted on Reddit, was captioned: “Involuntary and perfect camouflage of the cat due to its colour.”

One Reddit user said: “Before I saw the real cat, I was convinced I had found the creepy cat looking through the stacks in a shadowy spot.

“Just below and left of the real cat.”

Another said: “I knew exactly where to look this time. High and aligned with the wood.

Another agreed: “For some reason I couldn’t find the cat in the Reddit post but as soon as your link loaded my eyes immediately fell on the cat before even looking at the image where it is circled.”

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Spotted! Did you find the sleepy feline?