A SUPER-SIZE rat was spotted running rampage on the streets of New York.

The TikTok footage captures the beast crossing the pavement as horrified onlookers rush to avoid its treacherous path.


Ratzila was caught scurrying through the busy streets of New York[/caption]

Passers-by rush to get out of the way of the super-size rats route as others get out their cameras

The horrifying video shows the very large rat scurrying across a pavement and onto the road with the caption: “That boy been eating good.”

The sight of the furry rodent left people both terrified and amazed – some ran away and others whipped out the cameras to catch a photo of the magnificently-large rat.

The comment section was filled with users throwing out ideas of what the vermin specimen actually was.

One wrote: “That’s a muskrat”, while another offered: “That’s a whole capybara.”

A third chimed in: “That’s a Rottweiler”.

“Bro, I thought that was a beaver,” another wrote.

New York is no stranger to the vermin, which relentlessly occupy their sewage drains, parks, subways and walls.

The city has been waging an all-out-war against its rat population for over a century now – yet the rats somehow seem to be winning.

The fast-breeding vermin have survived successive mayoral campaigns to defeat them, as well as citizen-led rat hunting organisations.

The Atlantic estimates the rat population has now hit 2 million across 90 per cent of the city.

Last month, one of New York’s finest rats was caught on camera crawling over a sleeping commuter.

The skin-crawling scene involved the rat climbing up the dozing man as he sits slumped in his seat – none the wiser of his new little friend.

The rat then goes up onto his shoulders to take a seat behind his neck, which is when the man finally wakes up to the nasty surprise.

The ginormous rat made its way onto the road, where even traffic stopped to look