AN OBESE monkey who was sent to “fat camp” two years ago to lose weight now looks fighting fit as he poses in a swimming pool in newly released photos.

Godzilla the macaque had weighed 19kg – nearly double the standard weight of his species – before he was rescued from his life of indulgence.


The food-loving primate was sent to fat camp to shed some pounds[/caption]


People passing would give him snacks, leading to his engorged figure[/caption]

Authorities had found the poor monkey chained up in a Bangkok market where well-meaning passers-by had been giving him high-sugar treats like fruit, nuts, and sweet drinks.

Navee Changpirom, forest chief at Thailand’s Department of National Parks said: “Sometimes market-goers would find the monkey cute and would also feed it.

“The monkey became a favourite attraction at the market.”

He was sent to a wildlife centre in Chachoengsao province, where he was put on a strict diet of dill, lettuce, crickets, worms, sunflower seeds, and other nutritious food.

Changpirom said of the spoiled primate: “He has behavioural problems, because he had too many toys from his previous owner.”

He also confirmed that if anyone tries to pick the toys up, the monkey will grab them back immediately.

Photos taken in February this year, almost two years after he was rescued, show Godzilla looking healthier and happier.

He was photographed frolicking in a pool at the Crystal Pet Hospital, a veterinary centre in Bangkok where he now lives.

Staff said that Godzilla had dropped from his previous ‘dangerously unhealthy’ weight of 19kg and now weighs around 15kg.

A spokesman said: “Godzilla has been eating healthily. He hasn’t had a single bit of junk food. He is friendlier and happier and can interact with other monkeys without attacking them.

“He loves swimming. That’s his favourite thing as he helps him to cool off.”

Godzilla’s former owner Manop Emsan and his family are allowed to visit Godzilla and play with him in the pool.

When Godzilla was taken from him, Manop said: “Godzilla is like a son to me. He’s part of the family.”

They claimed they took him in originally when his parents were killed by a car when he was a baby and a previous owner had abandoned him.

The family kept the monkey as a pet – illegal under the country’s wildlife laws – and let him snack all day while he ran his stall selling meatballs.

Bureau of Wildlife Conservation officials said Godzilla would not be allowed to return to the family as keeping him as a pet is illegal.

Sadly, he will not be released into the wild as he will struggle to survive alone.

Godzilla is set to live at the wildlife centre indefinitely, splashing his days away in the pool he adores.

Supasek Sarachitti, the director of Crystal Pet Hospital, had previously diagnosed Godzilla with Cushing Syndrome.

The condition causes weight gain through overproduction of the stress hormone cortisol, as well as diabetes.

Video of the portly primate drew comparisons with another famous monkey called Uncle Fatty.

Uncle Fatty grew an enormous belly after being fed sugary snacks by tourists at the Khun Kala floating market in Bangkok.

He was sent to a fat camp to slim down in 2017, but returned to his old habits after returning to the city, and died in 2019.

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