THIS is the shocking moment a ferocious swarm of killer bees attacked a wheelchair-bound man.

John Fischer, 60, had to be hosed down and rushed to hospital after around 1,000 winged beasts surrounded him while he was out with his dog in Florence, Arizona.


John Fischer was stung more than 250 times in the attack[/caption]

CCTV footage shows the 60-year-old trying to escape the swarm on his hands and knees
Firefighters hosed down the street and Mr Fischer was taken to hospital

Mr Fischer – who lost one of his legs because of an infection eight years ago – was using his wheelchair exercise bike on Saturday evening when suddenly he felt something fly close to him.

He tried to swat the spikey critter away but moments later became completely encircled.

Mr Fischer frantically unclipped his dog Pippin’s lead from his chair as the bees latched onto his face.

But seconds later as Pippin fled, Mr Fischer’s chair tipped over and he was left trying to escape on his hands and knees.

Shocking footage caught on CCTV shows Mr Fischer crawling on the road and trying to shield himself from the killer bees.

He told Arizona Family: “I tried to get across the street, but I can’t see because they’re going towards my eyes, and they’re all over my face.

“I crawled my way for a period of time to try to get far away from where they were, but they, of course, just followed me.”

Emergency services raced to help Mr Fischer, with the clip showing firefighters hosing down the road in a bid to fend off the bees.

He was put on a stretcher and hosed before being taken to hospital, where he was given morphine and had the stingers removed.

Paramedics told Mr Fischer that around 1,000 bees had swarmed him and he had been stung more than 250 times on his arms, eyes, mouths, ears, legs and back.

He added: “I have never experienced anything like this before.

“There was a part of me that wanted to freak out, and there was a part of me that wanted to panic.

“And I knew, from past experience, that that’s where you’ll lose it.

“And you’re no longer in control. That’s where you run into more danger.”

Pippin meanwhile was stung more than 50 times, which Mr Fischer said has made his pet extremely ill.

He wrote on GoFundMe: “He did not make it to the emergency vet until three hours later. He stayed overnight and was discharged.

“However, we thought he was getting better, and it seemed to be so until we took him in this afternoon to the vet.

“He is unfortunately, back in critical condition. Looks to be a reaction to the bee sting toxin.”