A TREE surgeon claims he rakes in up to £1,200 an hour trimming tree stumps with a grinder – but many don’t take him seriously.

The TikTok influencer, known as ‘chainsawman_tk’, took to the social media app to show his followers the complex process – with one user blasting the job as “easy money”.


chainsawman_tk allegedly earns £1,200 an hour trimming tree stumps[/caption]


The influencer uses a machine to speed up the task[/caption]

The brief clip shows the workman trimming down a tree stump at lightning speed with the help of a stump grinding machine.

He adds in the caption: “Make $250 (£202) [in] less than 10 minute[s].”

The influencer routinely entertains his 50k followers with his tree-cutting prowess, but also films lighter-hearted clips including axe-throwing and assembling fun photo montages of his job.

However, not everyone is impressed with the tree surgeon’s technique.

In another tree chopping clip, one said: “I’ve worked 25 hours everyday for 35 years.

“You ain’t ever seen a real face cut before.”

Another joined in: ” Oh no, inexperienced way of cutting a tree down.”

Others, however, leapt to the workman’s defence.

One said: “Nice job, I’ve been working for a tree service since I was around 14 and this was very well done.”

A second chimed in: “Nice work big dawg some people in here no nothing about tree work.”

It comes after a former barista revealed how she makes an extra £7k a month by re-enacting scenes from her old job.

Meanwhile, one man shared how he went from sleeping rough to owning a Tesla in just one year.


The tree surgeon has amassed over two million views on TikTok[/caption]