A UNIQUE utopian private island has gone on the market is completely self-sufficient and perfect for anyone interested in a rather unconventional purchase.

The island just off the coast of Nova Scotia boasts a diverse ecosystem of dense forests and over 11 acres of land to explore – and the homes are made with 3D printed materials.

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The island is a gorgeous sight off the coast of Nova Scotia[/caption]

sotbeby's concierge auctions

The futuristic greenhouse sits amongst moss covered boulders[/caption]

Vollebak Island is described as “an oasis and plan for the planet”, as it “intersects the worlds of architecture, design, and art.“

The main building is called Earth House, which features nine interconnected buildings.

They include thatched roofs, a dining room, and utilises 3D printing to create boulder-like features.

A stone Japanese style bath house has both interior and outdoor tubs cut from bedrock.

A semi-underground stargazing room allows the owner to take in the surrounding nature and gorgeous night skies.

And the island is self sufficient – a stunning greenhouse constructed of glass bricks allows the island to grow everything needed.

The plant room has a solar roof, as well as a dry storage room made of biodegradable seaweed.

Another house is on the opposite side of the island, shaped in a modern triangle and situated right on the water.

Bjarke Ingels said: “Every design detail at Vollebak Island helps to foster the closest possible connection to its surroundings, acting as a curated extension of the island’s natural topography.

“For Vollebak Island, we have imagined the rooms as a manmade mount of individual volumes rising out of the ground and a separate outpost at the edge of the breaking waves.

“Each room in the village is made from its own unique material – stacked seaweed, compacted earth, hemp, glass brick or locally sourced stone – tailored for the specific use and experience of that particular room.”

Vollebak Island is located off the Nova Scotia mainland, ¼ mile from the spectacular Jeddore Harbour and 50 minutes’ drive from Halifax International Airport.

If bought, buyers will receive not only the Island, but also the rights to the design vision and planning permission.

The purchase will set you back, as Vollebak Island is estimated to sell for £4million to £8million, and hits the market on Sotheby’s Luxury week this June 8.

Another couple shared how they get paid to live on their own private island – but it comes with a serious catch.

Blasket Island was deserted in the 1950s because emergency services couldn’t reach it during storms and it now has no permanent residents.

The three holiday cottages and coffee shop on the tiny landmass are owned by Billy O’Connor and his partner Alice Hayes and each year they choose a set of applicants to look after it for them.

Despite not having running water or a shop, the couple said they’re loving their time on the island off the Irish coast.

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The house hides within the green landscape[/caption]

sotbeby's concierge auctions

The Japanese style bathhouse provides the perfect spa retreat[/caption]

sotbeby's concierge auctions

And the man home is a gorgeous triangle shape[/caption]