A MULTI-MILLION pound superyacht has been spotted cruising into the Thames yesterday as its owner prepares to dock it in London.

Superyacht Kaos, belonging to Walmart heiress Nancy Walton Laurie, is worth £241million, and boasts a jaw dropping interior.


The yacht was seen sailing towards London this morning near Kent[/caption]


Nancy Walton Laurie is worth billions thanks to her famly[/caption]

The vessel was seen sailing near Sheerness this morning as stunned passer-bys filmed the mammoth ship.

The yacht was built in 2017 by Oceanco, the same company which made Jeff Bezos £400million super yacht.

Photos of the yacht reveal a stunning interior, fit with a full swimming pool, dining area and room for a smaller boat.

The lounge area has gold ceilings, with dark wood features and marble bathrooms.

The 360foot long vessel has a helipad as well as a large circle marble dining table, and custom-made banisters.

It also has a full aquarium, cinema and spa facilities.

Multiple decks allow plenty of room for sunbathing on the white plush couches and chairs.

The top deck even has a jacuzzi for those onboard to relax in.

Laurie previously owned another superyacht called Secret, and was worth

At 271feet, it’s smaller than its sister ship Kaos, but equally as stunning.

The gold wall art is a far cry from the muted tones of Kaos, but fits the luxury of Laurie’s lifestyle.

Heated bathroom floors are a standard on the yacht, and the master has two en suite bathrooms.

The boat also has a glass elevator, 12-person cinema, and onboard massage parlor.

It even has a bar inside called “The London bar”, featuring smoke machines, a DJ booth and water wall chandelier.

Coincidentally, Laurie’s superyacht Kaos is estimated to dock in the city of London later this afternoon.

Laurie is the youngest daughter of Bud Walton, who’s brother Sam began what would become the world’s largest retail store.

The first-ever Walmart store opened in July 1962 in Arkansas, and the heirs own around 50 percent of the stock collectively.

Also that year, the Walton family took a huge financial hit after Walmart’s share price plummeted by 10 percent in 2022.

The fall in shares due to the company’s sale of its operations in the UK and Japan and a cut in profit expectations, saw the heirs lose over $27billion.

Its founder and his wife Helen Walton had four children – Rob, John, Jim, and Alice.

John passed away in 2005 in a plane crash but the three surviving siblings have been consistently listed in the top 20 of the Forbes 400 list since 2001.

Super Yacht Times

It’s fit with a helipad and gorgeous blue paint job[/caption]

Super Yacht Times

The yacht is worth £240million[/caption]