AN ONLYFANS star left her fans stunned after they noticed a unique feature on her hands.

The model, known as Polydactyl66, was creating art on a live stream when her fans spotted something that wasn’t quite right.


The OnlyFans star’s fans were left baffled after noticing that she had extra fingers[/caption]


The woman has a condition called Polydactyly which reflects in her social media handle, Polydactyl66[/caption]


The fingers blend in so well with the rest of her hand that viewers said they had never noticed the extra digits before[/caption]

While the 25-year-old was filming herself online, eagle-eyed viewers noticed that the social media star had six fingers on each hand.

But despite her revealing username, the woman’s followers were never aware of her extra digits as they are so well formed.

Polydactyly is the name of the condition where an individual is born with one or more extra fingers.

While the Twitch streamer was hosting her live video session, a viewer picked up on the unique bodily feature when they asked her to count using her individual fingers.

After she fulfilled her fans request, it was proved that she did in fact have six fingers on each hand.

She also demonstrated an even more unique ability that her two end fingers have by placing them both together.

“Look at that,” she said, “they are literally the same height”.

But some fans were quick to jump in with questions about her thumb as there appeared to be an extra one sprouting from the top of it.

The OnlyFans star also made a TikTok about the condition and asked her followers: “How many fingers do you see?”

This led to hundreds of fans leaving their thoughts on the woman’s unique feature.

One wrote: “Imagine the guitar. You could invent new chords no1 else can play”.

Another said: “Giving fingerprints would be interesting, so cool”.

A third joked: “Bruh imagine how many things you can grab”.

A fourth added: “This is so cool! You are so special!”

One more chimed in: “Suddenly my 5 digit hands seem… underwhelming. You’re beautiful!”

According to Great Ormond Street Hospital, polydactyly is generally inherited, with a 50 per cent of it being passed down.

It occurs in around one in 500 people and is quite prominent in African communities, a top genetics doctor told The Sun Online.

He said: “It [polydactyly] just means extra digits and it can be bilateral [on both sides of hands or feet] or unilateral [on one side].

“But when it affects both hands, or especially if it affects the hands and the feet, then it is without doubt genetic.”

This comes after one mum was left terrified for the wellbeing of her newborn baby after counting two extra fingers.

The woman said the ultrasounds hadn’t picked up the bizarre birth defect on her firstborn’s hands.

The now mum-of-four said she got the shock of her life when the tot was born.

“My first reaction was that I must’ve done something wrong in my pregnancy – I was terrified,” Talliya, from Pennsylvania, US, told NeedToKnow.Online.


The Twitch streamer also has another thumb sprouting from the fully formed one on her left hand[/caption]


The model took to TikTok to show off her 12 fingers[/caption]