THIS is the moment an e-cigarette reportedly exploded in an easyJet cabin – leaving it filled with smoke as passengers screamed in terror.

The flight was forced to make a U-turn after the blaze was discovered in an overhead locker.

Passengers were left terrified after an overhead compartment caught fire
Brave travellers put out the blaze using their bare hands
A bloke could be seen patting down the fire as smoke filled the cabin

The plane was flying from Geneva to Amsterdam on May 18 before passengers spotted smoke pouring out of a hand luggage compartment.

A passenger on the easyJet Airbus A320 filmed the fiery fiasco which showed the locker glowing orange as travellers attempted to put the blaze out with their bare hands.

A group of men gathered around the fire and tried grabbing the bag from inside the smoking compartment.

One man managed to grab an item that was glowing red and tossed it to the side before the others stamped out the fire on the ground.

Passengers screams can be heard filling the cabin as people began panicking at the nightmare situation.

The glow from inside the locker died out as a bloke in a cap patted the inside of the space while grey smoke continued spilling out.

According to initial reports, an electronic cigarette was the cause of fire after exploding inside a travel bag.

The footage end with a clip of the charred e-cigarette that has been left tattered after catching fire.

EasyJet allow passengers who carry electronic cigarettes to also pack two spare batteries but say that the devices must be switched off and disconnected during the flight.

But in this case, Radio Television Switzerland (RTS) reported that two witnesses claimed the e-cigarette would have been left connected to an external battery to recharge it which initially started the blaze.

After the incident, the aircraft returned back to Geneva and the flight was rescheduled for the next day.

According to Simpleflying, no passengers reported any injuries.

EasyJet told RTS that “the incident will be the subject of a formal investigation, in accordance with the procedures”.

Speaking to the organisation, a couple on the flight recalled the horrors they witnessed on the short journey.

“It seems like it lasts forever, when it’s really only a few seconds and everything was extinguished very quickly. There is this smell that takes to the throat and we panic, because ‘we’re stuck on a plane,” they said.

This comes after a plane carrying the Arsenal women’s team burst into flames on a flight back to London after a Champions League match in April.

Photos showed flames shooting from one of the Boeing 737’s engines on the runway at Braunschweig Wolfsburg Airport in Germany.

And in January, a fire broke out on a plane as hundreds of passengers were crammed in their seats waiting for take-off.

The video of the horror scene showed terrified travellers moving away from the blaze as smoke filled the cabin and flight attendants rushed to put out the fire that injured two.

It is thought that an e-cigarette caused the fire on the easyJet plane