AN OUT of control blaze is ripping through a building in Sydney after it caught alight – causing the block to come crashing down.

The multi-storey building is burning down next to the city’s busiest train station and has already spread to a nearby apartment building.


An out of control blaze is ripping through Sydney[/caption]


Nearly every room is on fire in the burning building[/caption]

Stephanie Convery at The Guardian

The blaze has broken out in a multi-storey building[/caption]

Stephanie Convery at The Guardian

Parts of the building can be seen collapsing as the blaze rages on[/caption]


Thick clouds of smoke can be seen billowing into the sky[/caption]

The blaze erupted this morning on Randle Lane, on the corner of Elizabeth Street in Surry Hills, on the southern edge of Sydney’s “central business district”, known as the CBD.

Nearly every room is alight in the seven-storey building which is surrounded by several other high rises.

As the blaze rages, parts of the building can be seen collapsing.

There are major road closures in the area around Randall Street.

More than 20 trucks have been sent to central Sydney to tackle the huge blaze, said Fire and Rescue NSW Superintendent Adam Dewberry.

And a spokesperson said there are now 100 firefighters from multiple stations across the city at the scene of the fire.

“Multiple 000 calls were received when flames started engulfing the seven-storey building on Randle Street just after 4pm,” they said.

“The building is starting to collapse, while the inferno is beginning to spread to several neighbouring buildings, including residential apartments.”

In horror footage one car could be seen burning on the street below.

The two buildings on fire are next to a modern apartment building which has now been evacuated as fiery embers fall onto the surrounding balconies.

Residents of the closest apartment buildings in the area have been barred from entering their homes, as police try to control the crowds which have gathered nearby.

In the footage, firefighters could be seen dousing flames on the adjoining building and battling the blaze as emergency services cordoned off the area.

The blaze is being described as one of the biggest out-of-control fires in living memory.

Fire crews remain on the scene and are attempting to get the blaze under control.

Australian politician, Tanya Plibersek, said in a statement on Twitter: “Terrible fire in Surry Hills in my electorate. Please stay safe and listen to instructions from emergency services”.

Light rail services near the fire have been suspended until further notice, an update from New South Wales Transport said.

The blaze is believed to have started on the third floor before rapidly spreading and engulfing the entire building.

Stephanie Convery at The Guardian

The huge blaze has spread to a second building nearby[/caption]

Fire crews have remained on the scene and are attempting to get the blaze under control