TERRIFYING footage captures the moment the door of a mid-air passenger jet flew open, sparking panic onboard.

The Asiana Airlines flight was carrying 194 passengers from the South Korean island of Jeju to the city of Daegu when the door was reportedly forced open.

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The terrifying moment a plane door was forced open in midair over South Korea[/caption]


At least nine patients were rushed to hospital with breathing difficulties[/caption]


The injured included a number of schoolchildren from the South Korean island of Jeju[/caption]


The Asiana Airlines flight was coming into land when the door was opened[/caption]


Cops arrested a man in his 30s on suspicion of opening the cabin door[/caption]

As the Airbus A321 plane was beginning its descent, the door suddenly flew open.

Passengers fought to tackle the man who allegedly forced open the cabin door while the plane was still some 600 feet above the ground.

Among the passengers were 48 schoolchildren due to take part in an athletics tournament this Saturday.

Children shook and cried in fear as winds tore through the cabin, witnesses said.

The mother of one of the children described the panic onboard as the cabin rapidly depressurised.

She told the South Korean news agency Yonhap: “Children quivered and cried in panic. Those sitting near the exit must have been shocked the most.”

Heart-stopping footage shows passengers gripping onto their seats tightly as the plane makes its descent.

The plane was able to land shortly afterwards at around 12.40pm Friday afternoon (3.40am BST), around an hour after takeoff, with fortunately no serious injuries.

At least nine passengers were taken to hospital with breathing difficulties, officials said.

They included eight schoolchildren from Jeju, according to the island’s education office.

Cops arrested a man in his 30s on suspicion of trying to force the door open as the plane was coming in for landing.

It still isn’t known why he might have done this.

One official said: “Police are investigating the incident after a passenger who was sitting near the emergency exit said he touched its lever.”