A TIPSY mum was shamed by trolls after twerking in a see-through dress at her young daughter’s Minnie Mouse-themed birthday party – but vowed she would “do it all again”.

Viral video shows Brenna Azevedo, 26, wiggling her bottom and grinding next to an entertainer dressed as the Disney favourite.


Viral video shows Brenna Azevedo, 26, twerking at her young daughter’s birthday party in Brazil[/caption]


She performed a raunchy dance wearing a see-through dress with no bra[/caption]


A Minnie Mouse entertainer awkwardly tried to join in the routine[/caption]

Brenna was hit by vile abuse online – but shrugged if off, saying she was just having fun and all her guests loved her performance.

The video shows her joyful antics at the bash in Belford Roxo, near Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

As birthday girl Lua is carried into the hall in her dad’s arms, mum Brenna begins throwing raunchy dance moves to favela-funk hit Movimento Da Sanfoninha.

She is seen strutting before the seated partygoers wearing a net-style dress with no bra, and turning round to shake her backside.

The Minnie Mouse actor awkwardly tries to join in with the routine – which is met with loud whoops and cheers from guests.

Brenna, who admitted having a few drinks, was also seen sprawled on the roof of a car outside in pictures shared online.

After a deluge of criticism – including threats to report her to social services – Brenna posted a video to hit back at internet trolls.

She said: “I came here to clarify everything because people are outraged by everything that happened at my daughter’s party.

“Because I was dancing, because I was wearing a see-through outfit, and people are attacking me, calling me a sl*t, a whore, a brothel worker, saying they will report me to the child protective services.

“I don’t see anything wrong with it. I see celebrities exposing their breasts on social media.

“I see so many worse things, people using drugs, and you are attacking me.

“My whole family is horrified by everything that is happening.”

She continued: “I fulfilled a dream.

“My daughter was super happy, all the guests at the party liked it, everyone thought what I did was cool.

“Was I drunk? Yes, I was. Did I drink? I drank a lot because I was happy, ecstatic.

“It was all done with a lot of sacrifice, struggle, and care.

“And people don’t understand that. They keep condemning me.”

Brenna also said: “I would do it all over again.

“People, go live, be happy! Do what you want with your lives.”

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Brenna hit back at critics in a video posted online[/caption]


She said her daughter Lua enjoyed her birthday party[/caption]


Brenna was also seen twerking on top of a car outside the party venue[/caption]